Mark Dedeaux’s Transformation Story

9 Reasons Men Should Do More Yoga
June 6, 2017

Mark Dedeaux, a partner of TruGroup Fitness, brings a lot of “sweat equity” as an Area Developer and Franchise Owner of the TruFusion brand.

Read Mark’s story to see how TruFusion has inspired him on his journey to not only lose weight and become physically fit but also vastly improve his emotional and mental well being.

In May 2015, I left a 23 year corporate career. At that time I weighed 270lbs, had food allergies, high blood pressure, and severe anxiety. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to begin to regain my physical, emotional, and mental wellness. However, because of my anxiety I was reluctant to do any vigorous exercise for fear that my health condition was too severe to handle it. So I began walking every day and slowing started to incorporate some higher intensity training.

All the while I was reading more and more about the benefits of yoga and other group fitness classes. I had some friends who were members at TruFusion that were encouraging me to try a class there, but at the time I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sadly, my self image was so low that I was intimidated about the idea of working out in a gym let alone a group class. So for 4 months I continued my workouts on my own and slowly started to increase the intensity.

I was making some progress but it was slow, and because I was doing it alone, I was losing my motivation. Right around that time I came across a very small yoga class and decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed learning about yoga, and mentioned to one of my friends who was a member at TruFusion that I was taking a class. She finally convinced me to go to TruFusion, and the rest is history.

From the first day I felt comfortable in the environment, which was surprising because my previous experiences at “gyms”. It was completely the opposite of what I expected. The people there were very welcoming and there was an openness that I had never experienced. I found that while the classes were really hard, I was motivated to push myself and left with a desire to come back again and again.

There was something about being pushed to my edge that gave me an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

I enjoy being able to take a yin class one day and jumping right into a down and dirty boot camp class the next. For me the variety of classes not only breaks up the monotony, but also supports my total mind body development. Since joining TruFusion my weight loss has accelerated and I have lost a total of 70lbs, all while gaining lean muscle and flexibility. More importantly my confidence is back, and my outlook on life is extremely positive.

Fast forward one year and Mark just completed 200 hours of ZFlow Transformational Yoga Teacher Training and is on his path to getting a nutrition certification. Mark will help bring his newly gained knowledge and insightfulness to help spread the group fitness model and TruFusion brand throughout the yoga community.